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Organic Sesame Seeds from Global hulled sesame seed exporter 

Global Grain Foods is a renowned supplier of top-quality hulled sesame seeds. We have a well-developed setup of sesame seed production, packaging, and warehousing, ensuring pure sesame seeds are highly valued for their taste and nutritional value. We supply our quality sesame seeds to wholesalers and commercial food facilities.

Why Buy Our Hulled Sesame Seeds?

A Remarkable Blend of Pure Quality and Finest Flavor

We take great care to ensure that the quality of sesame seeds is preserved at every step of the process so that you get the purest hulled sesame seeds. No additives are added, and we source the seeds from top-tier farms. Our sesame seeds are bursting with flavor, making them highly suitable for cooking and baking to create nutritious cuisines and foodstuffs. 

Expertly Processed to Preserve Natural Quality

As a hulled sesame seed supplier, we have cutting-edge production facilities that utilize the latest machinery for seed processing. Our packaging facilities ensure that each batch of sesame seeds has top-quality packaging to preserve their flavor. Moreover, we have state-of-the-art storage warehouses to ensure the purity and freshness of our hulled seeds.

Power-packed with Healthy Nourishment

Regarding healthy nutrition, we can proudly say that our hulled sesame seeds are rich in fiber and have a high calcium content. The fiber preserves digestive health, while the calcium ensures that your bones remain strong. Our hulled sesame seeds are also packed with healthy fats that keep your heart healthy in peak condition. 

Sourced From the Finest Farms

As a hulled sesame seed exporter, we are partnered with an extensive network of farms in countries known for producing export-quality sesame seeds, such as Poland, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Our partnered farmers use sustainable farming methods and quality inputs to ensure that every seed grown is of top quality. 

Partner with Us

Choose us for your hulled sesame seed needs and enjoy the highest quality seeds available at affordable prices. We provide bulk discounts to our wholesale buyers, so partner with us and keep your sourcing cost-efficient.